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le studio image Hair Company will help you get rid of the confusion, fear, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness by drastically improving your hair, leaving you feeling and looking fantastic!

Leaving you feeling and looking fantastic!

I get calls every day from women in denial about the causes of their hair loss "I bleached my hair" or "a few years ago I had a bad perm". Unless there has been damage to the skin where scarring has occurred the chances are it's a form of hair loss and it's easy to recognize the difference.

People often say it's unusual for women to lose their hair, not so. The statistics are 1 in 6 women will experience hair loss - that's a lot of women. At le studio image Hair Company, women account for 50% of all our clients.

I would say that the most common reason for hair loss amongst women that I see is usually genetic factors but there are many other factors for hair loss, such as hair being mistreated, childbirth and stress. Additionally using many chemical products can be a reason for the hair loss as well. Straightening as well as curling hair on a regular basis will leave the hair unhealthy and dry, which will then become brittle and break. Sometimes it is difficult to self-diagnose but once I have a look at the hair I can confirm one way or the other what the problem is.

The symptoms of hair loss in women are slightly different to that of men. Women experience a general thinning all over as well as a small amount of hair loss around the hairline and at the crown.

It can be traumatic and the psychological damage should not be underestimated. For many women, hair is used to express femininity and the loss of it can be embarrassing as well as distressing.

Whatever the reason for hair loss, it is sensible to have a consultation so that you can eliminate a more serious, permanent hair loss problem. Call us today at 770 6421700 make a free and no obligation consultation.


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Which System?

Looking for that bit more volume to boost your current look or even seriously thicker and longer Hair?

Our Transformation Connections Hair Extensions are designed to enhance your natural hair by adding Volume, High or Low-lights and Length. In addition they provide Texture and Highlights without the use of chemicals.

The Transformation Connections are safe and do not damage the natural hair!!

They are reusable and can easily be worn for up to 12 weeks. And move up services can be done 4 weeks after the initial installation this useful feature is also handy if you only want to keep the perimeters tidy.

Fantasy colors!!! What a way to switch up your hair, without the use of bleach or any other chemicals!! Why dye, when you features and benefits of using perfectress extensions is that they are re usable for up to 3 times.

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Extensions/Wigs FAQ

Wigs Service
In addition to designing we also provide many maintenance services


wash and Blow -Dry give your Wig or Hair piece a Face Lift with a good cleaning and Blow -Dry All Repairs require a wash and blow dry Fee


Ventilation Fee If your wig or hair piece is beginning to feel thin or Simply want to thicken it up we provide custom ventilation to add more hair or this is an ideal way to add Highlights


We can not grantee the pace or volume of hair in the allotted time.


Replace clips or combs did you loose Clips or Combs? not to worry Image Hair Studios can replace them for you.


Q: Do your extension products use 100% human hair?
A: Yes always, and not only real hair, but the finest quality hair available.

Q: My hair is baby fine. Can I wear your hair extensions?
A: Sure. Hair extensions work best with fine to normal density hair. We can match any color or texture. As long as you have four inches of hair or more at the crown, you can probably wear our hair extensions.

Q: Will extensions harm my natural hair?
A: No. They will help you repair and grow your own hair.

Q: How long will a service of hair extensions last?
A: It depends on the attachment method and how quickly your natural hair grows. You can normally expect two to four months.

Q: Can I treat my extensions like my natural hair?
A: Absolutely! It’s perfectly fine to wash, color, and style your hair the way you normally would.

Q: How will my extensions be attached?

A: We determine that during your free consultation by a Connections for Hair stylist. We use a variety of attachment techniques to get every client the best result possible. Your stylist will know exactly which is best for you.

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