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What is the best solution for me

le studio image Hair Company have nearly 20 years' experience and are a specialist in this area, with a friendly and caring team, who will give you personal attention and are waiting to help you. We will cater to your needs and create the best hair replacement solution that suits you.

Before we can decide on a treatment or a process we need to assess what exactly the situation is. The initial visit involves just that: a getting to know you conversation. Here we try to ascertain what the problem is and assess the type of hair that you have. We do this with all our customers individually, because of course, not everyone is the same and therefore everyone that comes through our door gets individual attention.

We also discuss the type of treatment which would suit you, your lifestyle and your hair the best. Any questions you may have can be discussed and a clear explanation will be given. Don't worry; these initial visits are confidential and are no obligation consultations.

One option could be a gradual solution, which involves gradually replacing the hair over a period of time, so people are less likely to notice. It is crucial we work together in order to achieve the best result and ensure you get the look you want.

Once you are completely happy with the solution, we will design a system to recreate the hairline and to mark out the areas where hair is to be added. We will also take hair samples so that the length, color, texture, and density will be matched to your own hair, to give a totally natural look.

Find out how we can restore your hair. Don't hesitate to get in touch today.

Hair replacement for men

For more than 40% of men, hair loss begins in their twenties. Modern technology means you no longer have to suffer.

Le Studio Image Hair Company will provide the best solution for you.

There aren't too many drawbacks to being a male, but one of them undoubtedly is male pattern baldness. Losing hair is simply a sign of getting older. But no-one wants that sign at 20 when your friends have a full head of hair that looks like its come straight from a shampoo ad! Sadly some scalps lose the battle for that thick hair far earlier than others, so why not even the odds with le studio image Hair Company?

Statistics show that two-thirds of men in the US will be affected by male pattern baldness. The hair gradually becomes thinner and begins to fall out, particularly on top of the head and along the front hairline which begins receding. It is a slow process and for the average man, it can take 15 to 25 years to go completely bald. Possible reasons for male pattern baldness can range from age and genetics to hormones and can be 100% out of control. A call to le studio image Hair Company is not!

Our forefathers had little choice but we are the first generation which can do something about it. There are a number of ways to deal with the problem and at le studio image Hair Company, we've made it our job to understand them all and to offer the ones which we feel provide the best solution for you.

the advance Custom hair replacement system is the non-surgical solution which offers a euro human, available in 52 natural colors hair undetectable hairline to give you the most natural look achievable.

These pictures speak for themselves and are a tiny proportion of the huge number of satisfied customers we have. Imagine the difference we made in their lives, and then imagine the difference we can make to yours.

In addition, Image Hair Studios also sells a wide variety of accessories for toupees/hair systems:

  • Supplies
  • Adhesives
  • Solvents
  • Clip protectors
  • Tape

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