Hair Systems

Non-Surgical Hair' hair replacement systems and additions have the ability to simulate a truly natural appearance while offering the client a significant increase in overall hair density from

Hair System Cut-In

Professional and custom cut in service for your hairstyle.

Hair System Maintenance, Repairs

Professional hairpiece repair, reconditioning, and hair-adding services - even if you didn’t get your hair from us!

Bleaching or re-bleaching knots on the underside of the system.

Hair System

Deep Cleaning

Thorough base cleaning to remove all adhesive residue and hair washed by hand.


Thorough hair conditioning by hand.


Clorox-based extreme hair detangle

Tear Repair

Re-stitch or mend torn base materials.

Re-Coat Poly

Painting or re-coating polyurethane layers.

  • All Lace
  • All Skin
  • Extra Thin Skin
  • Bio Lace
  • Injected Thin Skin
  • Injected Thin Skin is our latest hair ventilation technology. It offers a superior look and replicates the most natural hair movement, simulating natural hair growth
  • Skin Base Single Hair Injection
  • This system offers 50% hair density with a durability of 4 months (with daily wear, 2 months with bonding)

*Custom toupee/hair systems for men and women usually arrive in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. However, we also sell units that are available right away.

In addition, Image Hair Studios also sells a wide variety of accessories for toupees/hair systems:

  • Supplies
  • Adhesives
  • Solvents
  • Clip protectors
  • Tape

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